Rent To Own Good Idea Or Bad Idea

Dated: January 25 2021

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My professional opinion it’s a Bad Idea and here’s why:

*You pay about 20% above the typical rent for the house as well as option fees etc.

*The agreed upon purchase price will be what the owner anticipates the market value to be at the end of your term. 

(That’s another discussion as the home May not even be worth the agreed upon purchase price)

*You still have to qualify for a home loan to purchase the home at the end of your rent to own term, which is typically about 3 years.

*If you’re unable to qualify to buy or choose not to purchase the home the owner walks away with additional money you paid toward his mortgage and you walk away with nothing.

Why Pay Someone Else’s Mortgage, When You Can Pay Your Own.
Make the right moves today to put yourself in a better position tomorrow.

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Tolechia Lane

I purchased my first home as a single mother in my early 20's, so I know the fears, the anxiety and the financial responsibility that comes with such a large purchase. But I also know the pride, joy a....

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  • Posted by Daniel Wilson
    I am interested in more information I am tired of renting
  • Posted by Daniel Wilson
    I am interested in more information I am tired of renting

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